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An Executive Artist...  

Sounds like an oxymoron, however throughout my life I've been fortunate to pursue a dual career in both the fine arts and creative corporate management. Awarded a scholarship to the Columbus College of Art & Design, I also studied at Ohio State, Chicago Art Institute, and Kansas City Art Institute.


A few of the companies I had the privilege to work for include 3M, Helene Curtis, Hallmark Cards, and Crayola Brand Company. By day I led creative teams to produce great work and by night I traded my desk for an easel and painted.


After owning an international art licensing firm for several years, I decided to focus solely on painting. I currently paint in a thriving art district studio in Saint Petersburg, Florida where I show my work by appointment and at selected galleries. In my spare time I volunteer at The Dali Museum, home to an unparalleled collection of works by world renowned artist (and one of my faves) Salvador Dali. Otherwise, I can be found on an adventure somewhere sure to inspire my next painting like the scene you see behind me here! 

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